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Studio Elle at the Decorex

April’s been a world wind of trips, exhibitions & exams, but we survived it.

Returning from China was like hitting the ground running, with the Decorex ahead of us, there was no time for jetlag.

Studio Elle was asked to assist in the design & co-ordination of the Spot Light stand at the Decorex. This year it was given to Stephen Lasker, owner of Edge Interiors, partner of Design Quarters & sole distributor for Moooi (a busy man he is!!).  His theme was ‘Gold verses Evil’. Various white, gold & black pieces integrating each other made for a very eclectic theme that magically worked together. The stand lured tons of people. From the mushroom bench & black skull from Bronze Age, to Mobelli’s Pyramid & Moooi’s Pig table & Monster chairs, every piece on the stand had people ‘oooh’ing & aaaah’ing’ The stand was a success! Our info packs were handed out in the first two days & by the last day; we ran out of business cards & had to write our contact details on pieces of paper torn from our Decorex note pad. How exciting! We have no doubt that the stand & Decorex will bring in great business for all the parties involved.