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Studio Elle in China

April’s been a world wind of trips, exhibitions & exams, but we survived it.

With the China trip behind us, Studio Elle's excited to move forward with loads of inspiration & great ideas.

Our mission to the Canton Trade Fair was adventurous to say the least. No English, bad weather & commuting for two hours to & from Guangzhou!!                                                                                                                                                   Packing in my umbrella & comfy shoes was a good idea!                                                                                                      The trade fair was great. Well worth the commute! Spanning over 3 phases (categories), one would definitely have to plan ahead. Each phase lasted a week & concentrated on specific trades in the industry. Studio Elle attended phase 1. Home appliances, electronics, industrial vehicles, lights, building ware & design décor ware. Imagine the CTICC & quadruple it. Gigantic yes! A sea of floor finishes of every type you can think of, artificial grass, floor & wall tiles, mosaics, carpets, timber, screed. You name it, it was there. There were wall finishes, ceiling finishes, windows, doors, lights right down to the super kitch – singing Christmas Lights. Yes! There were stands with Christmas trees & singing lights. CRAZY!!

We made loads of contacts, some of which…….well……we won’t bother with, but others who I think will be of great service to us & us to them.

The Canton Trade Fair was most certainly a great experience for Studio Elle.

Our trip wasn’t all about work. We threw in some site seeing & karaoke as well. We couldn’t resist!! Boy, do these people like singing & dancing….. & taking photographs! It was so much fun. What did we have to lose? We were in a strange country with equally strange people who couldn’t understand a word of English. So we did what any fun thrill seeking tourist would do. We got down & partied with the locals. We sang & danced like there was no tomorrow. Needless to say the following day was a bit hard, but we were up & running for a day of touring & bargain shopping. 

After 9 days, home was calling & so we headed back. Hong Kong – Johannesburg – Cape Town. We were looking forward to getting back home. We missed our loved ones & we were excited to put our inspirations & new ideas down to paper.

What a trip!