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SaveThe Rhinos

      Welcome to the chat Studio. This is the first of many articles Studio Elle will be posting here. All comments, information & ideas are welcome.

True to Studio Elle’s vision, I want this page to be inspirational, informative & exciting. I struggled for two months to find the perfect article to kick start this page. Writer’s block…..I guess!!

Until today……

Today I got an e-mail from Sean Williams Contracts advertising their new range of furniture. Casually browsing through their website I spotted a ‘SAVE THERHINO’ link. Not that I am a hippie tree hugger of any sort, but I am a concerned ‘inhabiter’ of this planet. I do my bit by recycling my garbage, I have a worm farm in my back yard, a small vegetable & herb patch. I eat only happy chickens & their happy eggs, I support various causes like Save The Rhino, I volunteer where I can, etc, etc, so naturally I was interested to see what Sean William’s involvement was in saving the rhinos.

If you are in any way concerned about the plight of our Rhinos (& you should be), do yourself a favour & check his website out Not only will you find yourself feasting your eyes on the coolest furniture around, but if you click on the link ‘Save The Rhino’ you will find out what amazing work Sean Williams & his company is doing to help stop the poaching of these precious animals.

We can all help to stop this terrible crime by just bringing awareness to as many people as possible. Read about it, talk about it, blog it!! Stand up & fight for them, because if we don’t the effects will be crippling & will not only lead to the extinction of one of our most valued animals, but will lead to the disappearance of numerous other species of animals & vegetation all reliant on one another.

Sean Williams have embarked on a mammoth task in conjunction with Wildlands Conservations Trust. Their goal is to fit a GPS tracking system in the horns of every single Rhino in South Africa. This system allows for 24 hour surveillance from a security control room. Monitors will be alerted should a rhino find it’s way into a dangerous zone. As you can imagine, this is a vital tool that can be used to keep our world famous Big Five alive.

Well done to Sean Williams & his team!! I hope & trust that many more companies & individuals will follow in your footsteps. Our Planet needs more people like you.

Check out for more of his good Samaritan work!!

Till next time BE HAPPY - BE INSPIRED!!