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Last month this time Studio Elle traveled to Maputo in Mozambique. On a mission to find opportunities. What I found was possibilities in leaps & bounds. How this place has changed in the three years I was last there. New developments & rehabilitation of old historical buildings. Maputo has a spirit of vibrance & energy. The Old buildings that have been ruined through neglect & war tells a story of history & influence. they are beautiful & I am so glad that the government is doing their bit to restore them......or at least some of them. 

I was overwhelmed by the excitement of the people to welcome an interior designer from South Africa. Not that they don't have their own, & I am sure that they are as good as designers come, but perhaps it is the opportunity to share fresh ideas? What ever it may be, Studio Elle came back with two confirmed projects, some potential ones & two collaborations. HAPPY DAYS INDEED!! This unexpected overwhelming response gave birth to two great collaborations. One of which stems all the way from Portugal & the other, a great collab to uplift & unite our communities. More of this will be unfolded in the near future.

So Studio Elle moves moves into the future with great prospects & new ventures. We are excited & grateful for these opportunities.