Style and Inspiration

COLOUR INSPIRATION Colour application is one of the most important aspects to consider when designing a space. Studio Elle thrives on creating spaces that is harmonious & pleasing to the eye. We believe that colour has the potential to uplift ones spirit & promote positive energy & it is our duty as designers, to advise & guide clients in this respect. For more on colour check out the following link
Studio Elle finds inspiration in great ideas. Here are a few that we couldn’t help but share with you.
Studio Elle appreciates the work of all designers. We believe that a collaboration of ideas can lead to brilliant designs & solutions to just about any creative challenge. We love the following spaces for the challenges that it presented to their designers & the solutions they have come up with.
Studio Elle loves Zara for its stylish simplicity, clean lines & classic finishes. We love their shopfronts forever changing with every season. Thanks to MLB Architects, Lindsay Thomas (founder of Studio Elle) was privileged to work on the first roll out of Zara shops in SA.