Looking to bounce off ideas? You saw something on Pinterest & really like it it but not sure whether it will work in your space? Or you just need some advice on furniture placement.
We've got you covered. Send us your ideas & one of our consultants will come out to your house to assess your space & advise with colour options, textures & sketches. 
We also offer online consultation. Don't you just love Technology!
Our drawing room cab churn out drawings for every phase of the project from spatial & furniture layouts to details drawings.
We love SketchUp as it gives or clients a great over-view of the space in the form of a 3D drawing model.
A mockup 3D model is a great tool to visualize the space/s in its entirety.
Mood boards are a great way to piece together furniture, fittings, finishes, colours, etc. It's a goodie bag filled with visuals & information on what to shop for & where to find it. This bundle is a great starter pack for individuals looking to embark on a new build or renovation project. It includes, pictures, sketches, proposed finishes, fittings, fabrics, furniture, samples as well as a list of suppliers & prices.
We take the pain out of the shopping process. We understand that this phase can be time consuming & dauting to say the least. "Did I buy the right for my space product?" - "What are warrantees & guarantees?", "Can I trust the supplier/manufacturer?", "When do I want the delivery to take place?"
We can handle this for you. We have a database of preferred suppliers & manufacturers & 20 years of experience & as a bonus; all our trade discounts are for your advantage.

We also provide a full turnkey service from conceptual design to the design development & implementation including council submissions.
Our work covers both residential & commercial projects & we have amazing teams in place to ensure a seamless & stress-free fit-out.

This is the introduction stage were parameters are established in a meeting between the client & Studio Elle Interiors. Design requirements, Scope Of Works, Budget & timelines are determined.
This information is compiled in a Brief outlining the above parameters as well a fee proposal & handed over to the client for feedback & approval.

We love this stage as it stokes up the excitement for what's to come. 
We take your requirements & mold them into concepts that mirrors a  look & feel for your space/s. Starting with spatial layouts & the function of each area & working our way through various design styles & elements, colours & textures.
A mockup 3D model is a great tool to visualize the space/s in it's entirety. 

Once the concept design is approved, we move onto the Design Development stage. This is where the fine-tuning happens. The design concept is worked into detail drawings, joinery designs, various layouts such as electrical, lighting, ceiling, furniture, plumbing etc. 
This also where the 3D model drawing is finalized.
In this stage, all drawings & schedules commenced in the Design Development stage is workshopped into a construction document. This document get issued to the various involved teams for costing. The final document is issued to the construction & fit-out teams for the roll-out.
The procurement phase commences after the technical documents have been issued to the various teams; a costing has been established & they align with the project budget. Studio Elle Interiors will then manage & co-ordinate all invoices, payments, orders & deliveries of the approved interior items.
It is recommend that for larger projects requiring an Architectural service, a project manger should be appointed to ensure the seamless roll-out of the construction & fit-out process.
For smaller projects Studio Elle Interiors will manage the co-ordination of all teams, timelines, budgets, on-site checks & snags. Regular updates will be handed over to the client through-out the building & fit-out process
The fit-out & installation of all cabinetry, fittings, decorative items, artwork are to be coordinated last along with snagging. A defects list will be handed to all involved teams to be rectified immediately.
Once all snags have been corrected & outstanding items have been completed, the client will sign off the project as completed. The balance of payment is now due.